What 77 of the Top Land Brokers in the US Had to Say

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77 of the Top Land Brokers in the Country Had This to Say… 

  • Flat finished lot prices. 62% of brokers report flat lot prices this quarter. Only 32% report rising finished lot prices during Q2 versus a whopping 71% reporting finished lot price increases one year ago. Appreciation slowed considerably in 4Q18 and remains muted.
  • 6% YOY finished lot price appreciation. It appears that very little of that 6% finished lot price appreciation has occurred recently. YOY appreciation estimates range from: o 3% in Florida (where 4 of the 12 brokers said prices fell this quarter) and Southern California, to o 9% in the Southeast and Northeast.
  • Slowing sales volumes. Broker demand ratings for Hot or On Fire slipped to 54% from 86% one year ago, with regional variation: o Strong demand in Texas. 86% report stronger demand than expected. o Weak demand in Southern California. 44% report less demand than expected.
  • We noted two interesting developments this quarter:
    • Build-for-rent is making an impact: An interesting comment came from a Tampa broker stating, “The single-family rental REITs purchased 10% of the finished lots for rental home projects. You need to set up a separate category for that.”
    • More self-developing: Builders are buying more paper lots/undeveloped land to control lot positions that are priced to support construction of affordable homes.

Click here to download the 2Q19 Residential Land Survey report (It’s a PDF which should automatically download to your computer)



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