Testimonials from clients we’ve supplied private funding to for commercial lending, including construction loans, land loans, and real estate loans for residential and commercial.


“I can honestly say that Brett Kaye and the Broadmark Real Estate Management team provide beyond excellent financial services for those looking to invest in construction and real estate.  I would recommend them to anyone, and I personally look forward to working with them for many years to come!”

Chris B., Borrower

“The team at Broadmark have been exceptional to work with!  They understand the needs of builders and developers and have exceptional market knowledge.  Broadmark has become my go to lender for my real estate development and construction projects!”

Randy C., Borrower

“I have been financing projects through banks since 1978, I have borrowed millions of dollars over the years. Last year I had financing at the bank and was ready to go to the next step of development with my current project but the bank could not carry me on the books as I had no income at the time to service the debt, I needed and alternative. The Denver market is so strong right now and in order to capitalize on the market I could not wait for the bank to work their way through the financing maze that they go through… -Broadmark is considerably cheaper than getting an equity partner or waiting for the bank.”

Conald F., Borrower

“PBM has financed numerous development, construction, and rehab loans for us. Their ability to close a loan quickly combined with their prompt draw funding has allowed us to make bargain purchases and take advantage of vendor and subcontractor discounts.”

Robert D., Borrower

“I really appreciate all you did for us. Having our original construction loan mature before we qualified for conventional financing could have cost us our business. You stepped up and helped us. I would recommend you in the future without hesitation!”

Kevin D., Borrower

“PBM has become my primary source for private money loans. Their underwriting and due diligence process is fast and efficient. I know my clients will receive outstanding service when dealing with PBM.”

David V., Borrower

“Pyatt Broadmark had the confidence in me to finance my first project after the market downturn. With their help I developed, built, and sold a successful multi-home project. I will continue to use them for my lending requirement.”

Mike N., Borrower

“Pyatt Broadmark separates themselves by doing what they say they are going to do.  I have worked with other private lenders and they do not compare to the service and execution that Pyatt Broadmark delivers.  They will always have a first right of refusal on my future projects.”

Robert H., Borrower

“Being a young developer/builder I encounter a lot of challenges. Pyatt Broadmark has been a valuable business partner to have through the process of guidelines, budgeting, and management. I know that I can pick up the phone and call these guys at a drop of a hat and they will always respond and assist me with whatever I need.”

Blake L., Borrower

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