Here’s what makes Broadmark Real Estate Management unrivaled when it comes to other private money lenders:


  • We’re fast. 
  • We’re flexible. 
  • We offer higher than average loan-to-cost leverage.
  • We manually underwrite in-house, so we can see past the “hair” on a deal. 
  • We take projects that banks won’t. 
  • We do not commit to projects and then raise capital like some of our competitors.  We raise capital, and then commit to projects.
  • We are a direct lending fund – not a loan broker. We have an in-house draw department, and can offer private funding needs in as little as a few days.


Broadmark Real Estate Management is an unleveled private money real estate fund with offices in Denver and Dallas.

As private money lenders, we offer construction loans, commercial loans, land loans, development loans, commercial real estate loans and more throughout Colorado, Utah, and Texas.

We pride ourselves on being an invaluable resource for builders and developers who require timely funds for commercial real estate or residential development projects. We’re also very relationship driven, and take the time to get to know our borrowers  so we can deliver a loan to meet your specific needs.

We manually underwrite in-house, and offer speed, leverage, flexibility, and creativity you won’t find in conventional institutional lending. Developers appreciate our services and efficiency, and that’s why so much of our business is repeat business because they find we get the job done fast and well.

Our experience and personal approach enables us to respond quickly to client needs. From initial funding through a project’s completion, we work with clients to ensure the success of lending projects.

Construction loans are very much a partnership – our relationship don’t end the day documents get signed. Whether negotiating with a third-party lender, ensuring adequate reserves for construction and interest, or assisting with take-out financing or equity raises, we are your advocate throughout the process and a valuable resource on your team.

Contact us today to discuss our private hard money real estate loans, construction loans, land development loans and more. Ask for Tom or Brett.

Take a look at our areas of speciality: We offer reliant funding for commercial loans, investment residentialconstruction loans, land loans development and more.

Our Mission

Broadmark Real Estate Management is dedicated to understanding the long and short-term private funding objectives of our clients. We work hard to ensure they receive a loan best-suited to match their specific needs.

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Contact us today to learn more about the lending options Broadmark Real Estate Management offers. As private money lenders, our #1 goal is to help you reach your financial goals with speed and convenience.

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